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New Tools and On-Going Development: Version 2.0 Updates

New Functionalities
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  • My MAPAS (Must Register to Use) – Register for an account to get full functionality of the MyMAPAS tool.
  • Save Your Work Users now have the ability to save maps, custom geographies, locations and reports in their MyMAPAS space.
  • Draw Multiple Custom Geographies and Radii - The custom geography and radius tool now allows for multiple areas to be drawn on the map simultaneously.
  • Customize Reports - Reports can now be customized with over 1,000 different indicators from our database using the Build a Report Tool available on all report pages.
  • List Points Within a Custom Geography - When a custom geography is drawn users can now get a listing of any points that are activated on the map using the List Displayed Points tool.
  • Resize Map - The MAPAS map can now be resized by dragging the bottom right corner.

New Data

  • Expanded list of Census 2010 indicators - Over 900 new indicators from the 2010 Census are now available for Blockgroups, Tracts, Cities and Townships, Counties and the States using the Build a Report Tool.
  • Public and Charter School Reports - Detailed reports for Public and Charter schools are now available at the building and district levels. Turn on the point layer and click on a school to get access to these reports.


  • Improved Report Styling - New styling has been incorporated in the reports frame.
  • Faster Load Times - Many improvements on speed for loading  maps and reports.


Updates From Earlier Versions

Version 1.5 Updates

New Functionalities Description See Sample
New Reports Reports now come in a new format that allow you to change and customize your reports in the CRI community profile environment.  
Improved Custom Geography and Radius Tools The custom geography and radius tools have been updated to allow you to easily redraw, report, keep, or clear your custom areas.  
Identify Geography The custom geography and radius tools have been updated to allow you to easily redraw, report, keep, or clear your custom areas.  
Tool ON/OFF function Tools are now highlighted when activated.  
Data Updates Description See Sample
Birth Statistics Birth statistics data has been updated to 2006 and switched to 3 year estimates. It has also been expanded to include the four county area down to the blockgroup level. Counties are available for the whole state.  
Crime Crime has been updated to 2009 for the Grand Rapids area.  
Points Public Schools, congregation and food pantries were all updated. 2010 Vita sites have also been included for Kent County.  
New Data Description See Sample
2008 ESRI data MAPAS now includes 2008 values for many indicators that previously dated back to the 2000 Census.
2010 Hard to Count Data 2010 Hard to Count planning data has been included at the tract level.  



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